Let me tell you my secret: I see tokens everywhere

What are tokens in the world of Web 3.0? And what are they in the real world? We already know them; we use them every day, and often we simply don't label them as tokens. Translated into the web (and Web3) world, they might have a new, incredible utility. Let's discover it together.

The differentiating factor of Web 3.0

I still remember the noise of the modem, that infernal device that connected me to the internet in the '90s. It was a grating sound straight out of Hell, where analog souls entered the purgatory of the web. It promised tears and gnashing of teeth with its slow and unstable connection. Yet, I had known the Commodore 64 well enough to say that the web was going to be a revolution. And what revolution does Web3 promise?

Isis and its marketing strategy in the war 2.0

During the sad days after the Paris attack the best messages were the ones spread on social networks by young Muslims all over the world: “not in my name”. It was the first right answer to the terror. Eventually this is also a war that involves moderate Muslims because (and above all) ISIS has been destroying their culture, their religion, their territory and their dignity.