Let's start with coming out: it's true, technology is responsible for job loss. In 1994, I bought my first hair clipper and hereby declare myself co-responsible for the extinction of hairdressers worldwide.

And that's not all. Since I discovered that changing my mind is a sign of artificial intelligence, I use augmented reality to show muscles I don't have and futilely search for useful ways to reach retirement.

My mind and I live in a long-standing complicated relationship. I have the unsettling feeling of constantly living in the midst of a brainstorming session where my mind sometimes announces, "Cabin crew, please, prepare for landing."

As an expert digital consultant in Customer Experience, a journalist since 1994 (member of the Order since 2005), an author of novels and stories, a startupper, an analog native with inferiority complexes toward the digital world, I help companies implement new projects that support humans in the conscious and ethical use of technology.

I worked on the first website in 1995, and by 1997, I already had my personal page. Back then, Facebook didn't exist, and publishing a travel photo on the internet could label you as extremely narcissistic. Those who criticized me back then are now on Instagram showing off, displaying photos of their children on Facebook like trophies, or shamelessly dancing on TikTok.

Creating a private space to store files for download was seen as a quirky nerd habit. Today we'd call it the cloud.

I haven't quite grasped web 3.0 yet. That's why I've decided to write about it.

The World I've Peeped So Far