Three-Nil, introspective pills to survive in the open sea of web 3.0.

Have you tried navigating the internet and felt like you were drowning? Haven't even figured out what Web 2.0 is yet, and now the third season is already out? Has artificial intelligence disrupted the few certainties you had in life? You're not alone. 'Three-Nil' is an introspective journey to undertake together, like in support groups, for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and managers who will find themselves navigating the sea of Web 3.0. It's a game yet to be fully played, but... are we already losing 3 to 0? Let's find out together, start from here.

X marks the spot

It's one of those pieces of news that makes us all feel like a bit of marketing experts under the beach umbrella. Even more so if we add that the 'bird killer' is a divisive figure like Elon Musk. Genius or recklessness?

The differentiating factor of Web 3.0

I still remember the noise of the modem, that infernal device that connected me to the internet in the '90s. It was a grating sound straight out of Hell, where analog souls entered the purgatory of the web. It promised tears and gnashing of teeth with its slow and unstable connection. Yet, I had known the Commodore 64 well enough to say that the web was going to be a revolution. And what revolution does Web3 promise?

Five Types of Web3 Gurus to Steer Clear Of

In the online world, there are numerous gurus narrating the story of web3, and navigating to figure out whom to trust for insights is truly challenging. However, there are at least 5 categories of gurus found online. Let's discover which ones.