Is your Coffee Business in the Marketing 4.0 Era?

To be or not to be digital, that is the question. After surviving the long 4Ps period (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and arriving in the internet era that boosted us into the 4Cs period (Customer/Consumer […]

The Power of Now Economy in the HoReCa World

Think about how we order meals, find a hotel, suggest a restaurant to friends, even how we take a coffee in some coffee shops, where we can skip the queue with a smartphone app. Our everyday […]

Isis and its marketing strategy in the war 2.0

During the sad days after the Paris attack the best messages were the ones spread on social networks by young Muslims all over the world: “not in my name”. It was the first right answer to the terror. Eventually this is also a war that involves moderate Muslims because (and above all) ISIS has been destroying their culture, their religion, their territory and their dignity.