Have you tried surfing the internet
...and were you drowning?

The year was 1997. In Italy there was the lira, Google did not exist, Steve Jobs already thought "different", while I drowned in the first waves of the internet...
Macello Peluso
Marketing strategy & Business Thinking 90%
Digital Marketing 90%
Customer Experience & Market Analysis 85%
Content Marketing 85%
Relationship marketing (loyalty& CRM) 75%
Communication 70%
Geo-marketing 50%
Years Experience
and more Clients

Digital Lifeguard
on the Internet Bay

I learnt that numbers can help me taking the right decisions as well as they can help me understanding the world. I know that reading, interpreting, and telling stories about figures are the key drivers for a successful life and career, that any intuition needs to be validated by numbers, that any impression can be misled without data. 

So I’m creative and business-oriented and I merge analytic thinking with a strategic view, into continuous research of cutting-edge ideas to help business growth. 
I’m inquisitive, esplorative, creative, and business oriented. 

I enjoy identifying opportunities with a start-up soul, promoting networking, improving my skills, and finding new ways to use marketing and communication with technology, in every phase of the business life cycle.

I’m neither an influencer nor a guru, I’m just a Digital Lifeguard who saves the lives of people or companies that risk their lives every day on the Internet Bay.


Map of Countries Visited
I've been to 56 out of 217 countries (25.81%)


Trips & Pics is the section dedicated to my passions: watching the world without judgement. Which lens is better than a camera?


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From 1994 to 2006

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