My life in a sock drawer

The year was 1997. In Europe there was still no Euro, Google did not exist, Steve Jobs already thought “different”, while I drowned in the first waves of the internet.

socksIf you have just stumbled upon this page, it’s probably because you were looking for something else. Maybe you were trying to answer the major questions of life or just trying to find a recipe for barbecue sauce. Well, as you unfortunately ended up here, let me introduce my page (“Pagy” for friends, please :-)) and myself.

The year was 1997 when I set up my website for the first time. Maybe digital natives do not know it, but once setting a personal blog meant facing the first questions like “what is a website?” or “why a website?”.

I answered with a short post (actually, the concept of “post” was still unknown) with the title “Why an internet site?”, where I explained to my grandmother the potential of the internet with the prophetic words “in ten years, when everyone will have their space on the web, you will understand“.

Day after day the network has grown and the world has become flat (T. L. Friedman). Those people who accused me of narcissism in 1997, nowadays they post their naked pics on Instagram.

My Pagy and I have passed through the Web 1.0-big bang, the internet bubble, the Web 2.0 myths, the Blogosphere, the Social Network era (etc.) and we are still here. I survived 20 years of the internet and I became a Digital Lifeguard: not a guru, not an influencer, but a survivor who helps other people survive.

My Pagy is just like a box containing some memories, pictures and information in a pile, like my socks in a drawer. So far, I’ve collected more dreams than loyalty points at the supermarket, more miles around the world than tickets, and more scars than battles. I’m in the middle of a continuous brainstorming session and sometimes I drown in the pool of my thoughts. But I’m still alive and to continue living I need to explore, both in the real and the internet worlds. So, please, don’t be astonished if you’ve bumped into this page. It’s just another of my proofs.