My Customer Experience Approach

I believe that every client is different from others and their experience is the key driver of success in their decision process.

Users, Customers, Clients, Buyers, Prospects or whatever you want to call them, when you sell physical products or digital outcomes or provide services, your users’ experience begins in the first contacts with your company, continues during the purchase process,  and go through delivery (whatever is provided by you or other companies), and it continues with your communication and post-sales capacity to build loyalty.

Grouping users into homogenous categories and tailoring their paths to profiles improves their good experience and the chance of purchase to a new customer by up 20% and to an existing customer by up to 70%.

Some analyses and KPIs to measure your product or service experience

  • Firmographics/Demographics/Psychographics
  • Behaviour and attitude analysis (Customer Effort Score –  CES, Purchase/Usage propension, A/B tests)
  • Retention metrics (Customer Satisfaction – CSAT, Customer Churn, Net Promoter Score, Customer Retention Rate, Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Churn rate)
  • Engagement Metrics (Unique Visitors, New vs Returning, Visitors, Pageviews,
    Time on Page, Pages per Session, Conversion Rate, bounce rate etc.)
  • Adoption Metrics (Active Users, Product Access,
    Average Time Spent with Product, Feature Adoption Rate)
  • Real monitoring metrics (User Satisfaction Score/Apdex, HTTP Requests)
  • Usability tests (Task Success Rate, Time-on-Task, Use of Search vs. Navigation, User Error Rate, Task Level Satisfaction, Test Level Satisfaction)