I support humans in their conscientious and ethical use of technology.

I have been trying to survive the digital age from before the digital age began. I got over the crackling sound of early modems, when screens had eye shields and printers were needlepoint. I crossed the blogosphere when blogs weren\’t called blogs yet and I had to create my Instagram by hand in html. Finally I tried to surf the internet but I was drowning, entangled in the net. But since changing opinion has become a sign of artificial intelligence, reality seems to me even increased. In short, I am an analogue native with digital inferiority complexes. And even if the industry is now 4.0, I have lost the previous series.

Have you tried surfing the internet and were drowning? In 1997 I created the first version of this site that is my personal Noah’s Ark.

My mind and I are in a complicated relationship. It always invites me to stay at home but I love travelling around the world. It invites me to rest a little bit but I like to do sports. It recommends me good books
to read, but I love writing and I’ve published 2 novels and a number of stories so far. It argues I should lose some weight, but I love food and I love cooking too. It says I should shut up but as I used to work on a radio station for years, it’s hard for me.

Therefore I’m in a middle of a continuous brainstorming where my mind sometimes announces: “Cabin crew, please, prepare for landing“.