My experience on the Radio: storytelling

From 1994 to 2000 I worked as a radio anchor-man and writer for some Italian radio programs, by producing and undertaking some entertainment broadcasts. I took my first steps with a microphone in 1994. I was still in high school when I tried to conduct my first program in that afternoon of April 1994. It was a disastrous experience but funny. The radio station was unknown (Radio Antenna Forio) and it broadcasted traditional Neapolitan songs. After 2 hours, only one person called at the program: a child who asked to listen to a cartoon theme song.

Radio Antenna Partenope
“Lavori in Corso” team

On September 1994, I knocked the door of an apartment on the first floor of a popular block in Naples. It was not only an apartment where a whole family lived, but also a radio station (Radio Antenna Partenope) and a pawnshop. The owner’s wife and mother-in-low were unfortunately blind, but they were very nice people and very good with disc music.

The broadcast studio was very noisy, during live broadcast you could hear the sound of a tram, or the noise of people in the street, and sometime someone stumbled into the cables switching off the whole station. It was there where I met Salvatore and, with Mariano, we built a trio and our first real program, Lavori in Corso (Work in Progress), where we used to benefit from the noise around us to great effect, pretending to broadcast from a building site and interacting with strange people around us.

After three hours waiting outside of the building, on November 1995 we were received by Zeta FM‘s Art Director, a new radio station in the city. We had to produce a live demo tape in Italian, English, and French (please, don’t ask me why) and finally we were rejected because our product was “too much funny“. Even if we were astonished Radio Antenna Unofor the result, after one month we received a call from the radio owner who had listened to our demo tape by chance. He liked us and he decided to assign us a space every weekend. A year later, we decide to go a step further in our radio career. Lavori in Corso changed radio again, being hosted by Radio Antenna Uno. We stayed there a few months, because we were working on a new

1998 - Casa Scognamiglio Team
1998 – Casa Scognamiglio Team

format and we was waiting for another radio station that could give us free reign. We were close to becoming a success…

And the time came. At the beginning of 1997 the art director of Radio Punto Zero, a multi-regional radio station called us for a night program. We had the chance to broadcast from one of the top radio stations in Campania. And we didn’t fail.

Casa Scognamiglio (Scognamiglio’s), a new format based on a very fast rhythm of dialogue and a total improvisation, where the concept let people imagine the 2 anchormen (Salvatore and I) broadcasting from a slum where a crazy woman lived: Natasha Scognamiglio (played by Mariano).

Casa Scognamiglio
Casa Scognamiglio

Radio Punto ZeroCasa Scognamiglio was a great success, more than we expected, so much so that some newspapers and magazines wrote about us and two TV  programs wanted to shoot with us: Contatto Television (Canale 8) and Laboratorio 5 (Mediaset Canale 5). We spent four fantastic years before breaking up the radio band and making our own way. It was the beginning of 2001.

BBC Three Counties Radio

Some years later, in 2006 (and up to 2008) when I worked as a columnist of La Voce d’Italia, an Italian online newspaper, every Monday I was called to comment on highlights and main Italian news on BBC Three Counties Radio (UK). It was a recurrent appointment as a visiting columnist at “Mondo Italiano”, a radio program by Roberto Perrone for an Italian audience in the UK.