Marketing & Innovation: My Two Cents

Despite being born before the internet era, since 1995 I’ve embraced the “digital first” philosophy. In 1997 I wrote my first post (actually, they were not called “posts” at that time) on the internet, with this title: “Why a website?“. It was an answer to people who still didn’t understand the power of the internet and the importance of personal branding.

The nineties were years of experimentation:the years of university, but also the years of my first steps in radio, journalism, and collaboration with the first Internet provider in my city, ITB Italia. It was literally a lab of creativity and three of us EuroEuro srldecided to invest 100 euros, around 50€) to found EuroEuro Network, a lab that  produced some interesting and innovative projects such as CalcioCampano, the first and biggest web portal about football in the south of Italy, and some pioneering tools for the web: NoVirus, an automatic system to defend emails from viruses and trojans, EuroEuro stats, a web interface to measure and analyse web access, and an AD Server to program the browsing banners in our websites.

GFKTNSWhen the new millennium came around and the internet bubble exploded, I moved to Milan and I started working for some of the main market research Institutes (Databank, TNS, Millward Brown, GFK).  In 2003, EuroEuro Network became EuroEuro s.r.l., a limited corporate, and I was one of the co-founders and co-owner.

I started travelling the world in order to have a different point of view on the Earth, always accompanied by my reflex camera to snapshot some interesting corners of the glob. In the same time, I began new collaboration with some national and international magazines and newspapers.

NectarMy career went on in  CRM and marketing (Nectar) and in 2014 I moved to London for a couple of years to breathe the innovation and progress of one of  the main world capitals. On returning to Italy, I joined the team of EuroEuro s.r.l. to start up new projects, such as CoffeeBI, and collaborating with some companies, such as MyNoiLab, that work on personal and organisational development.